Sky Marine Models
Superb Models of Aircraft, Marine & Space Vehicles

Supporting the

The design and preparation of our models is paramount!

We spend many hours ensuring the model has been correctly researched before we start the construction process.

We use ecologically sourced mahogany wood, only from managed forestry.

The wood is kiln dried to a 5% moisture content, which prevents it from splitting, and then the pieces are individually carved and glued together. After drying, we start to apply the paintwork in very fine, multiple layers, to ensure a high quality finish. 

As all our models are hand built to the highest standards, and we ensure our customers can be fully involved in the design and build process. Many of our replica models are made as retirement or corporate gifts making the detail of the model critical to the design.

We can usually supply pictures taken during the construction of your model, to ensure we have included any specific requirements, prior to applying the final finishing detailing.

We are very proud of our work, and think you will be too, when you finally receive the finished item.