Finishing Details

By this stage we begin applying all the fine detailing to the model, such as windows, aerials and rigging etc.

At this point we supply you with final pictures of your model for verification, and if no further additions are required, we apply the remaining two coats of either gloss, matt or semi-matt finish.

If your model requires a stand, or is mounted on a plinth, we add any relevant information, explaining the technical details/dimensions etc, and add any personal message that may have been requested.

Finally, after around 120 - 150 man hours of work, your model is encased in a protective box ready for shipping anywhere in the world!


  • United States Navy Cu 300
  • United States Navy 300
  • Supermarine Spitfire Mk Iv
  • Sopwith Camel
  • Lockheed Tristar L 1011 Stand
  • Raf C 17 Cu 300
  • Sopwith Camel 300
  • Majesty Of The Sea Cu 300
  • Rms Titanic Cu 300
  • Uss Missouri Iowa Class Battleship Cu
  • Gulf Air Standardvc 10 Srs 300
  • Airbus A380 841 300
  • BA 737 436 300
  • Spitfirev2
  • Ba A380
  • Uss Hornet Aricraft Carrier Cu 300
  • Airbus A380 841 Cu 300
  • Hawker Fury Bi Plane 300
  • Americanairlinesaa777223

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